Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kids are a Good Thing

Did you have a nice Thanksgiving?
One of my older kids snapped this picture of the "babies" (Though they aren't babies anymore.) It cracked me up because Juh-juh (as he is jokingly called) looks so much like a nice little young man, and then there is.... Well, she's kind of a madcap that girl. 

They are so fun, those little people. They grow up so fast. I'm so thankful for our little kids. They keep us young. I was walking around the neighborhood and I glimpsed in a window what looked like a dinner party with a bunch of adults. But the light was only on in the kitchen/dining room. The rest of the house was dark. It seemed so... odd! To have a bunch of adults sitting and talking and no children anywhere! No thumping upstairs? No loud music wafting up from the basement? 

I hope my life is never empty of children. They give us fresh eyes, keep us mentally flexible I think as we get older we want to settle down to our own comfortable answers and stop thinking quite so much. But the kids keep us on our toes. They don't accept those pat answers! We think we know, they aren't so sure. We have to prove it to them. It's hard, but good for us. 

Kids are a rather good thing. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Art Spirit

Well, rather than posting more often, I posted none. Sigh, no I won't make excuses. But I won't give up either! 

Actually, this has been a very productive time. I have been painting intensely and I feel like I have come to know myself as a painter, finally, this month. I painted about 15 of those little floral in vases paintings all at once and I feel like I can't do them anymore. I guess there is a time when you just have to commit to one sort of art or another and I decided I am an abstract painter. I love the landscape. I love the trees, the wind, the smell of rain in the air. But when I paint, it isn't the trees and the lay of the earth I want to glorify. It's the spirit  behind these things, the thought that they ever came to be at all. Some call this the "art spirit" because so often artists do feel like they are helped along by a spirit as they paint, or write music or whatever. I know what they mean. But I just think of it as God Himself, as Himself. Showing His own beauty and heart in creation. 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

September is here! Hooray!

My yearly celebration of having made it through another summer-or maybe more specifically, August. I'm a little late this year, posting it on my blog that is. But I love this song. I love fall. I come alive again in the fall!

It isn't that I don't enjoy any aspect of summer. But I guess I enjoy it like a tourist. It may be pleasant at times, but I'm not really at home and I don't get quite comfortable. Then fall comes and there's rain and cool evenings and awww. So cozy. So happy. So alive again. :) 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Abstract Painting "Pondering the Path"

Almost all my paintings have something to do with whatever I'm going through at the moment, or have gone through. This painting was a completely different one when I started out. I was playing with some landscape techniques. But I wasn't happy with it and when I had played out what I was doing to the end I just started painting over it. A path and a figure emerged and it seemed like there was a light at the end of the path. But the figure seems reluctant to go down it. Or maybe she's procrastinating. Or as I like to think of it, building up strength. 

I know a lot of times I know a path, but it seems like so much work, or there is going to be resistance, or obstacles  and I tend to sit and look at it for a while. Or I push it to the back of my mind and deal with the urgent rather than being proactive with what I ought to be doing.

Etsy is my urgent. I'm glad that I started out on Etsy. I have learned so much there. But I have spent so much time on it. I do spend so. much.time. there. I start to feel a little stuck. And I feel like God is gently prodding me about it. What I spent all this time on my own website? My blog? Would I be freer with my art if my primary focus wasn't trying to fit in and sell on Etsy? 

So, I'm going to challenge myself to post every day, read up on blogging SEO and seek out some new blogging friends to talk to. I think it will be good to find some fellow Christian artists and be able to chat a little more deeply about art and God and life. 

I think it will be a good thing. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Abstract Floral Paintings

I've been doing some of these little guys lately, trying to get ready for Christmas this year!

These little guys are fun to do, like old friends when I'm feeling blocked. I like to think maybe some of them will go to little office spaces or something like that where there is a need for a little human touch. 

In other news, what is that blaring yellow ball in the sky? It's supposed to be 98 today. I'm not used to this! It makes me want to find a cool mossy rock to hide under. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bob Ross

This video was posted on Faccebook yesterday, and I've made everyone in my house watch it. I just love it! Lately it's been a rather popular thing in art circles to knock Bob Ross. Well, maybe not directly, but if you want to discount a landscape artist you call him a "Bob Ross Knockoff". There is some legitamicy to it, because there is a lot more to art than learning techniques and imitating someone else. But there's also a little art snobbery in there. Or at least that's the way it comes off to me.
I love Bob Ross though. He seemed like a genuine, kind person who delighted in teaching people to paint. So, anyway, watch the video and see if it doesn't make you feel a little more cheery.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Colorful Landscape Painting

I love how this one turned out. It is painted on wood. Painting on wood has a very different feel than painting on canvas and I like it better. I want to do more of it. It takes other mediums like colored pencil much more readily and they show up much more crisply. I want to do more of it, but the panels you buy at the art supply store are so expensive! I want to get some birch plywood see how that works. This is on plywood I fished out of my husbands scraps. It's a little heavier than I would like, I think I can get lighter pieces.

Anyway, it has been such a cool summer. I am grateful for that, especially when I see everyone else is roasting! It is lightly cloudy today and will probably burn off this afternoon. 

One nice surprise is that an old high school friend of mine has moved right down the street. I haven't socialized much with the moms on my block. I don't feel very much commonality with them. It's nice to have someone that I can just pop over and visit with. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Whale and Listening

This painting was interesting because the whale came forward so forcefully. It was as if it was saying "Don't paint over me, I am a whale. I hadn't even thought of painting a whale. But there he was. I like to look up the symbolism for different animals to see what they meant to different cultures. Whales are symbols of remembering and record keeping, of listening deeply and carefully, creativity and to Christians, rebirth because of the story of Jonah and the whale. (Though the Bible never actually says it was a whale, it says it was a fish. But anyway.)

I've been feeling the need to really listen lately. I'm trying to hear God's voice in my life. So often other things crowd in. Then later something happens and you feel like "I just had a feeling..." but you didn't pay as much attention as you should have. I want to pay attention. I don't want to miss God's voice. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art and Air

This is the view out my bedroom window right now. I love the clouds in the spring. They change so quickly and on side of the sky can be stormy and threatening while the other is all blue and peaceful as any old June day. 

Most of my family is at the beach this week at our church camp out but I opted to stay home with the little kids. Camp for me with little kids is a week of sitting in the play enclosure saying "Please don't throw gravel down the slide"... over and over....

I relish the time to paint and think and move about the house without being in anyone's way. I also get to play my playlist over and over without anyone complaining "Not that again!" I miss the clan, don't get me wrong. I'm constantly checking facebook for signs of life and happinesses from them, but it's nice to change pace too. 

One thing I envy about them being at the beach, though, is the air. Some people are connoisouers of wine, some chocolate, me, I'm into air. I love air! Pure, fresh, wholesome air.

When we lived on Mt hood there was a certain dip in the road right past Sandy. I was a small dip and barely noticeable, but for some reason that was where the air changed from regular civilized air to mountain air. I would always roll my window down to catch the change. Lately I've been longing for some time up at the mountains. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Blog for Me

Ahh, a new blog, a new title, a new template. New people to meet, new thoughts to share. I like moving. I like to shake things up and see how they all fall together again. What remains and what is shed away. So here we can begin a new adventure.