Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Art and Air

This is the view out my bedroom window right now. I love the clouds in the spring. They change so quickly and on side of the sky can be stormy and threatening while the other is all blue and peaceful as any old June day. 

Most of my family is at the beach this week at our church camp out but I opted to stay home with the little kids. Camp for me with little kids is a week of sitting in the play enclosure saying "Please don't throw gravel down the slide"... over and over....

I relish the time to paint and think and move about the house without being in anyone's way. I also get to play my playlist over and over without anyone complaining "Not that again!" I miss the clan, don't get me wrong. I'm constantly checking facebook for signs of life and happinesses from them, but it's nice to change pace too. 

One thing I envy about them being at the beach, though, is the air. Some people are connoisouers of wine, some chocolate, me, I'm into air. I love air! Pure, fresh, wholesome air.

When we lived on Mt hood there was a certain dip in the road right past Sandy. I was a small dip and barely noticeable, but for some reason that was where the air changed from regular civilized air to mountain air. I would always roll my window down to catch the change. Lately I've been longing for some time up at the mountains.