Monday, November 26, 2012

Art Spirit

Well, rather than posting more often, I posted none. Sigh, no I won't make excuses. But I won't give up either! 

Actually, this has been a very productive time. I have been painting intensely and I feel like I have come to know myself as a painter, finally, this month. I painted about 15 of those little floral in vases paintings all at once and I feel like I can't do them anymore. I guess there is a time when you just have to commit to one sort of art or another and I decided I am an abstract painter. I love the landscape. I love the trees, the wind, the smell of rain in the air. But when I paint, it isn't the trees and the lay of the earth I want to glorify. It's the spirit  behind these things, the thought that they ever came to be at all. Some call this the "art spirit" because so often artists do feel like they are helped along by a spirit as they paint, or write music or whatever. I know what they mean. But I just think of it as God Himself, as Himself. Showing His own beauty and heart in creation. 

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