Saturday, May 11, 2013

Emily Carr, Thinking, Dandelions

I finally got my hands on a book by Emily Carr called Klee Wyck. It isn't that it's that hard to find, but funds, a trip to Powell's and Powell's having it finally all coincided at the same time for me. Ah, the patience was worth it! What a little gem. It makes me ache. It gives a glimmer to me of the Pacific Northwest before it was all "civilized". I wish I could have seen it, with the deep dark forests and the mammoth trees. I wish I could have known Emily Carr. She is by far the female artist I relate to the most. She was just loving the good, strong place God put her and that love is there in her trees and her totems. 

The weather has been so warm this week. I don't like it being this warm so early in spring. I like winter in Oregon, misty and cool and fresh. I go for a walk most every day and I like it when the air is clean and cool and crisp. I like to walk in the quiet and think and pray. There is a road I always walk down, but lately every time I walk down it it smells like some sort of lawn treatment chemical. Ugh, really people? Have we not gotten past needing to through poison all over the place? Dandelions are not so bad.  I rather like them.

I really wish they'd quit doing that.


  1. Hi Kerri, this is becky from; I'm glad you stopped by my blog!

    I can relate so much to what you said about it feeling like you're waking up from a long dream. And it can be hard to find understanding people to talk it through with...many people have read patriarchal books/materials and were able to "eat the meat and spit out the bones" so to speak. So they don't understand how harmful the teachings can be and how it almost feels like coming out of a cult to leave those teachings behind. So let me know if you'd like to chat...I've been out of the patriarchy movement for about 3 years but, boy, it's been a challenging and sometimes painful process. My email is mollyhorse186 at gmail dot com

  2. Molly, I tried to find a way to email you on your blog and gave up. Then I noticed you left it here-duh! I would like to email you though, when I get a chance. Thank you so much for the offer.