Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Creative Thinking and Painting

I love how this came together because it reaffirmed something I had been thinking about without actually planning to do it. But non planning of it reinforces the idea! That is I was listening to the TedTalk by 
Elizabeth Gilbert about the artistic process and the way it seems to come. Which for me tends to be inconvenient moments, like when I'm walking outside, and not when you want it, like when I'm looking at a canvas. It's a funny capricious thing, and hard to understand and even harder to control. 
The talk was very encouraging to me. When I was painting this the figure of the person came forward quite strongly and all the swirling came together very naturally afterward, so I'm really liking this one. Not just liking the colors and the process, but feeling like I see a message to myself in it as well. Which is always cool. 


  1. Kerri, I've watched this TedTalk a number of times. It's great! You're painting is beautiful!